Kyla Vitek Small Cedar Dangle Earrings

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Cast in sterling silver from real cedar sprigs, these gorgeous handcrafted earrings swing from your ears with a glimmering grace. This mini pair is perfect to add a bit of sparkle to your daily outfit, but can also add subtle elegance when you want to get dressed up as well. Because of their size and longevity, cedar trees have come to symbolize strength and eternity. Just like the tree from which it was made, this pendant is crafted with care to last a lifetime.

• Sterling silver with textured polished finish front, brushed finish back
• Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotion, hair spray or other chemicals - allow perfume or lotion to dry before wearing
• Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products
• Gently wipe off excess oils or perspiration with a soft cloth
• Remove jewellery when participating in physical activities (cleaning/gardening/sports)
• Remove before sleeping
• Light tarnish may be removed with a gentle wipe with a polishing cloth, followed by washing using a toothbrush with dish detergent & water. Rinse well & pat dry