Kyla Vitek Medium Cedar Dangle Earrings

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To create these unique pieces, Kyla uses a process called "organic casting" in which organic, natural materials such as maple keys, seed pods or cedar branches, are used to create a cast that is filled with molten metal and rapidly cooled. Once the metal is cooled, it can then be manipulated by bending, soldering, texturing, and polishing to create a beautiful, wearable piece of nature.

• Sterling silver with textured polished finish front, brushed finish back
• Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotion, hair spray or other chemicals - allow perfume or lotion to dry before wearing
• Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products
• Gently wipe off excess oils or perspiration with a soft cloth
• Remove jewellery when participating in physical activities (cleaning/gardening/sports)
• Remove before sleeping
• Light tarnish may be removed with a gentle wipe with a polishing cloth, followed by washing using a toothbrush with dish detergent & water. Rinse well & pat dry