Art Metropole What Are Our Supports?

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What Are Our Supports? is a polyphonic anthology with over 20 local and international contributors, based on a series of artist group’s projects in Vancouver’s Cathedral Square Park in 2018, all situated within Germaine Koh’s HMH: Boothy – a telephone booth-like platform and imaginative time-space portal. Featuring original artist group reflections, commissioned poems and essays, reprinted texts, and additional artworks, this publication highlights the need to reinvigorate sustainable, alternative support networks for artists and communities during uncertain times, now intensified by our global pandemic and human-induced climate crisis. _How do artists make perceptible the underrecognized and foundational supports that will continue to guide us through precarity? What is the role of practice – and pleasure – in relation to ongoing struggle? What can we learn through the everyday practice of being human, and through the quests of art? 

Germaine Koh, Aron Louis Cohen and Russell Gordon; T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss and Emily Neufeld; S F Ho and Elisa Ferrari; DRIL Art Collective, John Brennan, Justin Patterson, and Michele Helen Mackenzie; Andrew Yong Hoon Lee, Khan Lee and Francis Cruz; Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade, Otoniya J. Okot Bitek, Charlene Vickers, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Alexa Solveig Mardon, Jeff Derksen, Paula Booker, Jeff O’Brien and Joni Low. With additional artworks by Debra Sparrow, Chantal Gibson and Bitek, and Ron Terada.

• Publisher: Information Office, Doryphore Independent Curators Society, Richmond Art Gallery, Art Metropole