Art Metropole Quantification Trilogy Reader

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Quantification Trilogy Reader is a document from the future. The artist’s original three para-fictional films Quickeners (2014), Liminals (2017), and I Can See Forever (2018) interweave themes of marginalized cultural- and scientific-belief systems; the line between transcendental experience and madness; and the changing human body in the wake of technological evolution.

Concerned with the shape of future societies, the three films are made up of reworked archival film footage, cinema vérité and television documentary styles respectively. The films then each utilize striking digital transformations, both as a visual technique and as a representation of altered states. The publication, an extension of the artist project and installation, renders these narratives through full-colour, full-bleed stills which become immersive visual experiences. Each narrative is followed by the original films’ voiceover transcripts, as well as parallel and critical texts exploring the questions that the project provokes.

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