Amy Shackleton

Canadian artist Amy Shackleton is a Candian artist who studied at York University. Her works have been written about in publications such as the Huffington Post, Magenta Magazine and LUXE Magazine. 

Shackleton's work depicts future where cities blend with nature. Her works are created through an optimistic lens, where she creates unique urban landscape paintings combining different locations into a single composition. Shackleton poses a poignant question about our future; will climate change contribute to the creation of utopia or apocalypse?

Shackleton's creation process differs from conventional paintbrushes, instead using squeeze bottles and gravity as her primary tool for creation. As the liquid paint drips and creates layers, Shackleton rotates the canvas to navigate the movement of the paint. While her motions are controlled, the natural elements embody the spontaneous liquid impulse. Similar to how Shackleton's optimism wrestles with reality, so too does her work wrestle with similarly opposing forces.